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Stainless steel shower room, on the importance of stainless steel.
Publisher:admin Add time:2018/1/17 Viewed:385

Everyone knows that is used for bath, shower room and all kinds of material is suitable for all kinds of environment, a variety of areas, the material was not chosen good later certainly can't use a comfortable, let's take a look at the people use very frequently between aluminum alloy and stainless steel shower room is a difference.
Rust is concerned: aluminum alloy and stainless steel is not rusty, important alloying elements are copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc, manganese, secondary alloy elements such as nickel, iron, aluminum alloy of iron content is often less black and white.
Instead of stainless steel, it is important on the surface of the rich chromium oxide film (protective film) for corrosion resistant ability, if the film by special pieces, metal surface will rust, is the layer of protective film is very thin and strong, precise, stable, common in use are not destroyed.
Bathed with catharsis things more or less have a certain amount of alkaline, time is long, with a deposit or a clean does not reach the designated position, to how much material will be corrupted, but if the stainless steel shower room is not the problem, and the surface of the aluminum alloy will produce corrosion, stainless steel in the presence of chloride ions, corrosion, soon to initiate chooses 304 stainless steel, its corrosion resistance, impact resistance and high temperature strength especially good, excellent work hardening.

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