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On the importance of the shower stall.
Publisher:admin Add time:2018/1/17 Viewed:399

Recently, a netizen consulted our company, asked whether the water bar in the shower room was necessary, did not feel the water ran out, did feel easy to trip children, more tangled, how to choose.
Weather bar is necessary to do, users should use in the home is the shower curtain, although the shower floor brick generally to floor drain location do grade, but in the shower, water big will to the shower curtain extravasation, if there is no weather bar whole toilet will be wet, slippers will be wet, especially in the winter, more troublesome.
The child is also not very likely to run the toilet to play, so don't worry too much, unless is the toilet is very very very small, there is not even a place to be able to do the water bar, that even.
Weather bar some style can be the build by laying bricks or stones, most of the toilet water retaining bar are turning to the ready-made stone or other material, can advice at the time of paving brick, embedded in the water retaining stone floor tile between, water retaining effect will be better, and, of course, can also be late with a glass glue onto the floor tile.
Have you done all the water bars in the shower? If not, you have to wait for something to do.

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