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Service concept maintenance After-sales support

1. Value-added services
To provide clients with comprehensive professional integrated bathroom solutions, and services to the whole wei yu advice or decorate a design scheme of the kitchen decorate, the DE sheng whole wei yu wei yu, kitchen to provide free repair and lifelong maintenance service for five years.
2. Standard image
According to DE sheng sanitary ware, high standard service requirements and provide unified service to all users, provide limousine service, delivery installation personnel unified clothing, after installation of the specialist professional acceptance, and installed on the whole wei yu to clean clean.
3. Call back.
DE cheng wei yu, customer service center in the sanitary installation within 24 hours after telephone pays a return visit to customers, and in every 3 months after installed telephone pays a return visit once, during the warranty period is more five times return visit regularly, stores will not regular telephone tracking return visit.
4. Complaint handling
DE sheng wei yu customer service center, inform the store staff after receiving customer complaints must be dealt with within 24 hours, if you need door to door service complaints, after-sales service within 2 working days must be processed door-to-door service, the problems of processing must let customer satisfaction.

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