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"Go to the middleman" penetration support plan.
Flat channel, challenge traditional channel profit model.
The traditional operation mode is less and less competitive in the modern sanitary market environment. Typical wholesale mode let too many intermediate links, wholesale link layer upon layer, produce a lot of expenses, which eventually to end customers, resulting in a decline in the competitiveness of the brand directly.
Desheng's management went directly to the store, ordering goods directly to the store, greatly reducing the intermediate link. In the process of the operation of desheng brand, the terminal has a strong competitiveness, and consumers also gain tangible benefits. With few links and convenient communication, the brand idea of desheng can be directly communicated to the development partners, and the profits of desheng can also directly benefit consumers and career development partners. Finally, we will create a healthy situation in which desheng, development partners and consumers will gain more profits.

It removes layers of distribution and gets more profit margins.
The national unified price ensures price stability and ensures fair competition.
The manufacturer points directly to the point, the image is unified, the management is simple, the support is perfect.
A perfect regional protection policy to protect the interests of dealers.

Multi-channel integrated marketing.
The domestic bathroom market is already very saturated, only by the terminal store this single channel has been unable to win the competitiveness. DE cheng wei yu help dealers integrate each channel resources, brand alliance, O2O through various channels such as activities to help distributors to increase sales, at the same time introducing more consumers in terminal stores, promote the competitiveness of the terminal.

New logistics new mode, low inventory low pressure.
The traditional brand operation will have a large backlog of inventory for career development partners. Finally, it is found that most of the wealth in the decade is in stock! DE sheng channel operation with the help of powerful data system to support the new logistics operation mode, do not need other development partners, equipped with a large number of inventory to work in a way that a light inventory DE sheng wei yu. Moreover, desheng will also be equipped with a professional inventory management method to assist business development partners in managing inventory, greatly reducing operating costs and increasing competitiveness.

Headquarters of the support
Strong post-platform support.
Desheng's development partners operate under a strong system. DE sheng complete organizational structure, the product research and development center, marketing center, marketing center, logistics center, service center and customer service center united into a strong marketing services team, partners to provide a full range of marketing support.
At the beginning of the store, from the store location to decoration, product display, product training and service training, the company was built by desheng team. Desheng will support the operation of the boutique with the most professional technical strength, unify the VI, unify the operation mode, and present the professional, dedicated and leading outlook for the consumers. Professional product development team, according to market research and reflect the situation of dealers, to upgrade the old products, technical improvement, and constantly develop new products, to ensure product quality at the same time, keeping markets, enhance competitiveness in the industry.
DE sheng sales representative will inform the DE sheng marketing ideas and policies, visit the market, the store, to help dealers product line complete, shelves, display, tally, promotion, etc, to promote product sales. The Marketing Department develops a professional activity planning scheme for partners, and arranges the efficient implementation of the specific guidance plan, and also provides strong brand publicity for large promotional activities. Training work, of course, essential, DE event to send professional training personnel not regularly buy to end product knowledge, service and sales skills training, code help terminal expertly master product performance and selling points, to lay a solid foundation for future sales.
DE sheng is also very good: in terms of logistics development partners all logistics orders will be able to query, and DE sheng will open headquarters inventory to partners, let inventory information fully sharing, ensure timely delivery; DE sheng specially established a perfect after-sale service system, on the one hand, collecting terminal to the enterprise, product feedback information and opinions, to guarantee on every use DE sheng product user satisfaction survey, timely and efficiently solve the problem of the after-sales, let partners from worries. DE sheng marketing corps team will do a good job in every aspect, integrate resources, provide the most powerful partners, most in need of support, help partners to realize the interests of the ascension, and win-win cooperation partners.

Perfect decoration service system.
Desheng provides four major support and assistance to career development partners in store decoration. First, DE sheng bath provides the perfect store design; Secondly, desheng provides a professional sample report list; Third, desheng provides decoration material selection assistance and construction supervision assistance; Fourth, provide the decoration subsidy support per square meter.
DE sheng according to dealer area, free provides the best decoration effect, construction drawing, at the same time DE sheng headquarters in exhibition hall guidance to decorate, the supervision engineer will ensure the quality of decoration and uniform.

Market support, win at the end.
Desheng provides more comprehensive and detailed market support for dealers, and helps dealers to accurately locate local market and support every terminal.

Continuous improvement of brand concept.
Carry out the image unified plan to the store, continuously enhance the display image of the boutique.
A planned terminal activity.
Allow more consumer groups to experience the products and increase the market share of appropriate brands.
The overall bathroom solution.
Through the consummation of the sales service process, bring the complete solution to the customer, and help increase the rate of achievement and the unit price.
Perfect customer relationship management.
Improve and maintain key customer database of engineering and retail channel.
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